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Remote Learning with Let’s teach! Primary

It’s the 1950s, in the most remote corner of the Australian outback. A teacher’s voice crackles out of a clunky radio to a young student, their pencil primed to write. The student listens intently and states their answers aloud into the radio’s receiver. They pack their written work into an envelope, ready for the postman. The teacher will eventually mark up each piece and mail it back. The process takes days. Why go to all this effort? Because no matter how far they are from a classroom, every child deserves the gift of education.

Remote learning is not a new concept. It has existed for decades and so, like all human inventions, has evolved with the improvement of technology and knowledge over its lifetime. In the present day, the resources available for teachers and students separated by distance have evolved far beyond snail mail and the humble radio. Now digital applications render communication simple and evaluation of work far quicker, and online resources—LTP included—are here to make the job even simpler. So, how can you incorporate LTP into your remote learning set-up?

Sliders are for screen-sharing!

LTP can be used on screens of all sizes—including smartboards, tablets and laptops—and many screens at once. LTP sliders can be used with a screen-sharing service to be displayed to students as easily as they would be in a normal classroom. For every LTP lesson, show a slider and use the attention-grabbing images and artwork to encourage discussion, engagement and contemplation of the subject matter. Unlike most digital resources, which you need to spend time sourcing or making yourself, LTP sliders are ready to be used instantly. Take the time you save using LTP to focus on your students in other ways.

Worksheets are for anywhere!

The easiest ways to check student understanding are suddenly difficult when teaching remotely. Even the simple worksheet is fraught with issues; since most worksheets are intended to be used as hard copies, students must print, scan and somehow return their finished work. That simple worksheet becomes simply a hassle. LTP worksheets are different—they’re made to be used digitally. Just send the desired worksheets to your students and they’re ready to use, no printing required. Don’t let distance hinder learning consolidation.

Plans are for one place!

Does working remotely throw off your organisation? How do you keep track of what’s in your classroom and what’s at home? LTP has your planning resources covered by keeping them all in the digital space. Not only are lesson plans for LTP completely online, but new this month are LTP planners: interactive planners that allow you to display your curriculum coverage for teaching a subject across the whole school year. Easy to use and clutter-free, LTP planners are also simple to share with your colleagues—simply send the PDF to anyone who needs to see it.

No matter where you or your students are, LTP is ready to help you teach. Distance never has been, and never will be, a reason to stop learning.

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