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LTP in the Wild—Teaching with Alexia

Did you know that Perth is LT-Bot’s hometown? Yes, even little robots have a place they come from! And like all travellers, LT-Bot is always happy to return home for a visit. This month, LT-Bot has come back to meet another teacher.

This month’s teacher in focus is the amazing @teachingwithalexia, also known to her Year 4 students as Miss S. She has taken the time to share some lovely images and a video of LTP in action.

Teaching with Alexia’s Comments

LTP has digital unit plans for HASS, Health and Science for Years 1-6, plus more to come! It is such an amazing resource that is curriculum-aligned, engaging and rich with information.

I’ve always been a big fan of anything developed by @ricpublications because I know it will be a quality resource.

Work smarter, not harder. Do yourself a favour and sign up for a 14-day FREE trial.’

It’s wonderful to see LTP being used Australia-wide, whether in LT-Bot’s hometown or afar. What state are you from and how do you like to use LTP?

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