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LTP in the Wild—Mr Curmi’s Classroom

LT-Bot continues his journey around the country with a visit to Queensland!

This month, LT-Bot has gone to see @MrCurmi’sClassroom, a Year 5/6 teacher with eight years of experience. Mr Curmi has kindly provided a full video walkthrough and review of Let’s teach! Primary. Take a look at it below.

Mr Curmi’s Comments

‘Vocabulary; I really like this. I could definitely see myself using this on the vocab wall I have in my classroom. That’s super helpful.’

‘Definitely recommend it, it’s a really, really great resource.’

We loved hearing about Mr Curmi’s idea to combine each unit’s tiered vocabulary list with his classroom’s vocabulary wall. LTP and its resources were created with the intention of being adaptable to different teaching styles and approaches, so every teacher can use each as suits them best.

Try it out for yourself with a 30-day free trial!

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