Let's teach! Primary

Let’s teach! Primary: The new way to teach HASS

Let’s teach! Primary is here! Discover a new way to teach HASS with our latest online teaching tool. Interested in finding out more? Keep reading as we run through exactly how to use it in the classroom—it’s easy, we promise! You can also sign up for a free two-week trial here. No payment method is required; to get started, all we need is your name, email and school.

What is Let’s teach! Primary?

Let’s teach! Primary is a curriculum-aligned online teaching tool that is designed for you, the teacher. By covering all the lesson planning for you, Let’s teach! Primary allows you to save time and focus on what’s important—the students! The platform currently covers two learning areas, Science and HASS, and with a Let’s teach! Primary subscription you have access to Years 1 to 6.

How can I use Let’s teach! Primary to teach HASS?

Currently, Let’s teach! Primary contains two sub-strands of HASS: geography and history. Once you select your sub-strand on the dashboard, you can select the year level you wish to teach. This will navigate you to the relevant units. Unit pages include an overview, containing all curriculum links and information for the unit, as well as all of your lessons.

Within each lesson there is:

  • a lesson plan
  • student pages
  • downloads

The lesson plan provides comprehensive elements of the lesson, from preparation through to assessment. The student pages follow and are in a slide format to present lesson content on your smartboard, while their interactive design encourages student engagement and discussion. Interactive PDF downloads are supplied to accompany the student page content and further develop lesson concepts.

The student summary download details the content of the slides word for word in a PDF format and can be a useful student reference for other lesson activities. Along with the summary, the downloads also include a student worksheet and investigation worksheet, including activities and an experiment to consolidate and assess your students’ learning.

The worksheets come in an editable PDF format—so you can print them out and have students write their answers, or they can be completed electronically by typing in the shaded boxes. See examples of a history student worksheet and geography investigation worksheet below!

Keen to try out Let’s teach! Primary yourself?

Gain access to two HASS and Science units per year level, for a fortnight! Click the link below to start your free trial now.

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