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The top 10 things you need to know about Let’s teach! Primary

Let’s teach! Primary, or LTP, is R.I.C. Publications’ answer to the demands of the digitising world of education. It provides learning activities and materials that take the stress out of teaching. Here are the top 10 things you need to know about the system.

1. LTP is 100% digital

LTP’s curated digital format makes teaching materials more accessible than ever before. No matter where you are in the world or what computer system you’re using, you can use LTP to gain instant access to lessons and learning activities that can also be used and completed in digital format. If offline solutions suit your needs better than online ones do, LTP and its resources can be used offline or in a blended capacity.

2. LTP operates on a tiered subscription model

LTP’s tiered subscription model means that you can choose the subjects, year levels, lessons and resources that best suit your needs. That is, the LTP experience is tailored so that you can make it what you need it to be. LTP offers a 14-day no-obligation free trial, so you can try out the system before locking into a longer-term subscription.

3. LTP is linked to the Australian Curriculum

All LTP’s content is directly linked to the Australian Curriculum, so you can count on lessons and learning materials to respond to curriculum requirements. LTP is a means of digitising existing high-quality education materials. The content that appears within the LTP site is adapted from R.I.C. Publications’ print resources.

4. LTP is a curriculum mapping tool

LTP’s curriculum mapping capacity makes it an ever-evolving tool, always identifying academic gaps and misalignments and making improvements to better meet the needs of teachers and children. LTP uses curriculum mapping to track its own effectiveness, and it includes what it discovers in the development and inclusion of new resources and materials. This means that LTP listens to the needs of its users and grows accordingly, working to become the best education tool it can be.  

5. LTP is designed for simplicity and usability

Teachers need simple, easy-to-use systems, so that’s exactly what LTP is. LTP’s interface is clean and crisp—perfect for screen viewing. Its features have been designed for maximum user-friendliness so that you don’t have to worry about learning to navigate complicated systems. Instead, you can focus on using LTP to do what you do best: teach. 

6. LTP includes content for both teachers and students

LTP has been created with both teachers and students in mind, and it includes content to suit both audiences.

For teachers, LTP provides teacher pages, which include lesson plans, activity ideas, differentiation options, assessment strategies and more. The teacher materials included within the LTP site are designed to save time and stress by providing teachers with everything they need to get curriculum-relevant lessons underway.

For students, LTP provides worksheets and student pages, otherwise known as sliders. All LTP worksheets are created as fillable pdfs, which means that they can either be completed digitally or printed out for hard copy use. LTP’s student pages include AC-linked lessons delivered by its friendly and enthusiastic mascot, LT-Bot.

7. LTP offers differentiation options

LTP recognises the diversity and variation that teachers need to be aware of when responding to the needs of different students. For this reason, all units and lessons within the LTP site include practical ideas and strategies for upper and lower variation. The LTP differentiation tab can be found in the teacher pages relating to each lesson.

8. LTP is hosted by LT-Bot

Children love LTP’s learning-loving robot mascot, LT-Bot. LT-Bot hosts all lessons within the LTP site, delivering explanation-based content and swiping images, videos and files into his virtual classroom. LT-Bot is designed to appeal to diverse students. He is bright, friendly and always excited to help children learn new things.

9. LTP is fun and engaging

Children learn best when they’re having fun. LTP’s lesson content is designed to encourage children to be active participants in learning activities and materials. All of the colours, tools, lessons and teaching strategies within the LTP site have been designed with engagement in mind. LTP’s site content has been constructed to help children enjoy learning in a virtual teaching environment.  

10. LTP is an industry leader

LTP is an innovative solution to the needs of the modern education sector and is proud to be an industry leader. The style of learning that LTP offers is new, fresh and exciting. LTP is a simple to use system, where digital education resources can stay digital and teachers can access high-quality AC-linked lesson plans and resources from anywhere in the world.

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