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5 ways Let’s teach! can revolutionise your teaching practice

Let’s teach! Primary, or LTP, brings teaching into the twenty-first century, providing digital teaching solutions that make education easy, effective and accessible for teachers and students. Here are 5 ways that LTP can revolutionise the way you teach.

1. Digitising content

LTP digitises R.I.C. Publications’ Australian Curriculum-linked resources, responding to the needs of today’s educators who increasingly rely on digital instructional solutions and materials.

By offering teaching materials in a curated digital format, LTP can modernise teaching practice, making the most of the benefits of digital systems and improving resource accessibility.

Instead of purchasing education resources book by book, you can purchase an LTP subscription, choosing the learning areas, year levels, lessons and resources that you need. With an LTP subscription, you’ll be able to access teaching materials anywhere, anytime.

LTP brings proven effective education content to your fingertips and makes it easy to distribute lesson materials to large groups of students. If you’d prefer to use materials in offline or blended environments, LTP can cater for that too.

2. Saving time

Teachers are busy people, so LTP focuses on saving time and making teaching quick, easy and practical.

By offering planning resources, lessons, activities, assessments and more all in one place, LTP centralises teaching practice, reducing stress and allowing you the time you need to focus on the most important part of being a teacher: teaching!

LTP gives you the tools to cut back on planning time and dive straight into lessons that you know are effective, engaging and curriculum-linked. It allows you to worry less, teach more and ensure that you are delivering all the content you need to.

3. Supporting curriculum

Keeping up with frequently changing curriculum requirements can feel overwhelming but ensuring that educational content corresponds with your curriculum is essential.

LTP does this work for you, providing you with clear, demonstrable evidence of the curriculum requirements. This means that you can use LTP to track the curriculum areas you’ve already taught, identify areas to move onto next and show parents and colleagues what the children in your class have been learning.

Because all of LTP’s content is adapted from R.I.C. Publications’ AC-linked resources, you can trust that it is proven to be effective and covers everything it needs to.

4. Providing planning and assessment resources

Planning, planning, planning! Planning is a huge part of a teacher’s workload, but excess planning time can take away from teachers’ ability to focus on delivering lessons. This is why teachers need resources and materials that take the stress and time-demand out of planning, allowing them to get back to teaching children.

LTP provides resources that make lesson planning quicker, easier and more intuitive for teachers. Each LTP lesson includes activity ideas, differentiation options and assessment resources that allow teachers to step into the classroom and just start teaching.

5. Offering lessons and activities with differentiation

When teaching large groups of students, it’s important to take diverse learning styles and academic capabilities into account, developing a stronger understanding of students’ individual needs and learning how to respond to these effectively. By doing this, teachers can personalise education strategies and ensure that all children are supported to meet curriculum assessment benchmarks and succeed in further education.  

All lessons and activities included within the LTP site offer options for upper and lower differentiation, providing ideas to help teachers adapt them to suit all kinds of students. LTP’s differentiation instructions are clear, concise and easy to implement, meaning that teachers can use them in classrooms where students’ learning levels are highly varied.

Starting the education revolution

Teaching is changing with the digital world. LTP can help you respond to these changes with enthusiasm, confidence and preparedness.

LTP supports teachers to meet the needs of the modern education sector, and every day the system is growing to include more curriculum, provide teachers with more resources and offer additional lessons and activities.

LTP is excited about the revolutionisation of teaching practice, and it’s working to help teachers meet the teaching revolution with more effective, intuitive, engaging teaching tools and strategies than ever.

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