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Let’s teach! Primary provides a collection of worksheets for HASS, science, health and more. These interactive worksheets accompany each curriculum-aligned lesson as downloadable files, meaning they can be completed digitally, or printed and passed out to students.

Let’s teach! Primary (LTP) is a curriculum-aligned digital teaching tool that provides learning content for Years 1 to 6. All content is written to the Australian Curriculum and mapped to both the Victorian and Western Australian Curriculums, as well as the NSW syllabus.

Each learning area is organised into four separate units, with each unit containing lessons and worksheets that are intended to be taught over a term. This structure provides teachers with a flexible program that can be followed prescriptively or adapted.

Lesson plans are included for every lesson and work to support teachers in their preparation and delivery of curriculum-aligned learning content. Teaching strategies are suggested at the start of each lesson plan, and differentiation points are provided to allow for easy adaptation to meet classroom needs.

Each lesson uses interactive page sliders which allows teachers to deliver the most engaging content possible, helping students make deeper connections with the learning outcomes while they explore the integrated links, videos, maps and more.

To ensure the completion of the entire teaching process, Let’s teach! Primary provides downloadable worksheets that students can use to consolidate their learning and deepen their understanding with real-world context.

To recap, all you have to do is:

  1. choose your learning area
  2. follow the step-by-step lesson plan
  3. present the student pages and share the worksheets

Let’s teach! Primary provides full curriculum coverage of every included learning area, with our online presence allowing the platform to be an ever-evolving mapping tool.

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